Wedding videos; They are all the same?. At AlbaMay, wedding videography is equated to photography. We work together; Photography direction is applied to our wedding videos and comes from our own team, with dedicated photographers and videographers. Image quality and composition are our hallmarks, a taste for things well done, for quality, timeless videography, without passing fads.

That video in SUPER 8, in VHS, in Beta, which today is a classic in your homes, is an image of the past: of customs, of friends, of family, of culture; It is part of our lives. Let yours be, in keeping with the times, and let it be a reference again in a few years, an indelible memory of the past in these times of immediacy. Take a look and let yourself be moved, let your memories be those of everyone, and those to come.

And no, not all videos are the same.